Live edge iPad/tablet stand

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Product Overview

This is my favorite live edge iPad stand I've crafted yet! It's truly an artpiece to store your devices on your kitchen counter, coffee table, or desk while not in use, or to hold up your devices handsfree while you browse the web, watch YouTube or Netflix, Zoom or Facetime!

This generously oversized stand can hold your iPad along with one or even two other smartphones when stood vertically (please measure your devices to determine how many you could use on the stand at once), and can be stood horizontally while you watch videos. It measures approximately 14" wide, 4.25" deep and 2" tall.

You can also use the stand on your lap while sitting on the couch and multitasking between TV and your tablet or phone!

If you're not familiar with Spalted Maple, it's an unbelievably gorgeous wood that has a modern art look to it. The "Spalted" in the name refers to a natural deterioration in wood that creates beautiful pigment patterns, the dark lines you see in the photos. These details are completely unique in every piece of Spalted wood and are an amazing accompaniment to the wood species' natural grain (in this case, it's Maple wood).

It's really amazing how the Spalted lines flow through the wood, zoom in to see the details!

Free pickup available in Toronto on Neville Park Blvd.



Can you charge the device on the stand?

I've experimented with putting a groove for charging cord underneath my stands but I've found they just stress the wires too much and will wear out your (expensive) charging cables. If you want to charge your device while it's on the stand, I recommend placing it horizontally or vertically with the charging port pointing up.


What style of finish does the stand have?

The wood is sanded smooth and has a matte finish.


How many devices can it hold?

The stand is about 14" wide, which means you easily use it with a tablet and a phone or even a tablet and two phones!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review